cool cartoons  
tailor made cartoons made to order
  • If you are looking for a freelance cartoonist and want to purchase cartoons you are at the right place.
  • I can offer gag cartoons created according to your requirements - made to order cartoons.
  • Created on any topics, of any size, colour etc.
  • Cartoons for magazines, commercial purposes, company magazines, presentations, ...
  • Comment cartoons, business, corporate, workplace humour
  • Strip cartoon, caricatures.
  • Single cartoon or a set of cartoons.
  • Tell me your needs and a topic and i will come up with an idea
  • You pay only for accepted cartoons.


custom made illustrations
  • Tailor made illustrations for your purposes.
  • Cartoon ilustrations for your web, for your presentations, leaflets, advertisements, books, ...
  • Tell me what you need or what is the purpose of the illustration and I will figure it out and prepare suggestions or samples.
  • Do not be affraid of illustrations made to order, you pay only for accepted illustrations.

cartooned products goods
  • Taking professional and united photos of your products can be very demanding and difficult, cartooned products or services can work much better.
  • Are your products too complicated and you want them to look more friendly?
  • Do you want unified images of your portfolio? Try cartooned products.
cartooned illustrated products devices or goods

cartooned cards and wishes

  • New years cards, christmas cards, birthday cards, wedding announcements, ...
  • Company cards for various ocasions.
  • Animated wishes.
web graphics design
  • Thanks to my experience with graphic software i can provide not only simple cartoons but also final graphic elements for your websites.
  • Cartoon elements of precise pixel size, in varisous formats, different resolutions, ...
sample of cartoon web graphics
colouring pictures made to order
  • Colouring picture is a great tool for company promotion or corporate gift.
colouring pictures on request
any cartoon
  • Photographs of school-leavers, company teambuilding pictures, illustrations of production process, .....
  • Are you looking for something cartooned which was not mentioned above, just contact me and tell me your wishes. I would be glad to prepare an offer.
cartoon school leavers
price terms and conditions
  • Price
    Ofcourse you would like to know the price, but every order is different. Just to give you an idea, the price of a single custom made cartoon is about 80-150,- Eur. Single illustrations are 60-80,- Eur. All depends on difficulty, ammount and a purpose of use.

  • Payments
    Bank transfer after issued invoice.

  • Course of your order
    After the request is specified, I will send you a preview for approval or comments. When the order is approved or modified according to your comments I will send you an invoice. When the invoice is paid, you will receive the final product.
  • Distribution
    Pictures up to 4MB are sent via email. Pictures above 4MB are uploaded at the file exchange server or a server which you specify.
  • File type
    If not specified, I will send you a low compressed JPG file. When requested other formats are available as well. Animated pictures are GIF files.
  • File resolution
    Standard picture dimensions are 210x297mm (A4). The resolution is up to 2481x3509pix (A4 at 300dpi). If requested I can provide 4962x3509pix (A3 at 300dpi). If a higher resolution or dimensions are needed, please mention this fact when making your order.