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Marek Simon


I live in the Czech Republic-Europe. My first cartoons were published in 2000 during my university studies in a humouristic magazine. I was cartooning general jokes which appeared in most humouristic magazines. After the graduation in 2004 i started working as a promotion manager and almost ended with cartooning. I only cartooned Christmas cards and commercial orders. In 2011 I won international Red Bull Best Ad Contest with a draft of famous Red Bull cartoon commercials.

This probably caused that in 2013 I started cartooning again and this time with more serious journalistic cartoons. The career was developing very well. In 2013 local newspapers. In 2014 economic web portal, the most visited economic portal in the coutry. In 2015 I became a cartoonist of Denik, which is the most read newspaper in the country if we dont count tabloids.

In 2014 Ibecame the vice-chairman of CUC. In 2015 and 2016 I was announced by Czech Union of Cartoonists as a best cartoonist of the year in the Czech Republic.

I obtained some cartoon prizes abroad, but I dont devote much time to cartoon competitions. In 2015 I managed to get to the finals of Press Cartoon Europe.

During the last few years I focused on custom made cartoons for bussiness purposes.

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